Honda civic tour : .. song lineup? (who will sing more)

I am wondering if anyone has already attended this years honda civi tour i know its pretty early to ask but i was wondering if the concert is 50/50 linkin park and incubus or if linkin park sings more than them i personally dont mind incubus but i am a much BIGGER Linkin Park fan than Incubus and would want LP to sing more …?

Incubus played for about an hour Linkin Park for an hour and a half, no song together like I was personally hoping for, and also a bit of a disappointment only 3 or 4 songs off the new album. But still it was FLAWLESS to say the least, hope this info helps, for those who win the M&G be prepared to miss Incubus’s entire set pretty much.

Mutemath plays for like 45 minutes but between Linkin Park and Incubus, it’s about the same amount of time. Incubus plays first, then Linkin Park plays.

Mutemath isn’t bad, Incubus is all right but Linkin Park definitely takes the cake.

Yes I noticed the setlist was different in Mansfield, MA last night compared to the first 2 shows. Still only 3.5 songs from Living Things I was hoping for more. Still no “Crawling” which a lot of fans were expecting but noticed they added “Points of Authority” which is one of my favorites. They replaced “In my Remains” with “Lies Greed Misery” from LT.

I hope they tweak the setlist as they go. I know many fans like “Powerless” , “I’ll be gone”, “In my remains”… it’s the new album! We want to experience it live along with the other great songs from the past.

I’ve always said when I go c LP theirs four songs I hope they play beside the new slow melody of SOTD/LOATR/IRIDESCENT… WAITING FOR ,GIVEN UP,RUNAWAY AND, MY FAVE BREAKING THE HABIT did they play any of those pleeeeez tell me they did