Home Depot Center - Carson Ca : When are tickets coming in the mail?

I’ve been waiting and waiting and still no tickets!! Anyone else out there worried at this point? The concert is next week and I still don’t have the tickets I purchased OR the refund they promised us for being charged the incorrect amount when the tickets went onsale. What the heck is going on???

just got mine yesterday

I’m going to Shoreline (next Friday) and it arrived yesterday. Obviously not the same show, but maybe slightly helpful due to concert timeframe.

Got mine this past Tuesday.

I’m going to the Sept 8th show here in la and I haven’t got my tickets yet. Does anyone know when they are mailing them out. Concert is around the corner and I don’t want to miss it.


I wish I knew what was going on, too! I can at least let you know that I ordered 2 sets of tickets at the same time; early May 7th. I’ve been going crazy about the delay, since it became necessary to plan around having them, for my trip from VA to CA. I was overjoyed to get the envelope from GroudCtrl on Wed; then immediately distraught all over again since it was only the 2nd set (at least it was the front row seats).
I’ve practically stalked the mail truck each day since, & every time I’ve run up to check for the other pair, it’s been major disappointment. It’s Sat. now, one week until the night I’ve SO SO SO been looking forward to, but there is no mail the next 2 days and I’m giving up! I want to sell the one set I got and hope I get the other pair in time to do the same. I just don’t have faith that anyone at Will Call will believe I never got the other tix or would let me in after a LONG, long wait. Seems like many others are in this situation & will be in that line! I do hope they are closer by & it works out for all that are IMpatiently waiting!!