Hit the floor tribute story

Linkin Park– Hit the floor 2:44

He was lucky that he never got bullied really. Now and then, someone tried to make him target for abuse. But, he was quite popular with the other boys because of his personality. A feminine trait (he thought), made him feel even more like a pussy. He was quite funny and with lots of good ideas. Smart almost, so he had a lot of friends, and they always stepped in as soon as someone else tried anything. He was glad really…But at the same time hated it…Hated the fact, that he knew he stood no chance alone really. The embarrassment after, for all of the girls to see that he needed help. Still, he was glad his friends stepped in. Although now and then, he could hear even them talking behind his back about how pathetically lanky he is. That he needed their protection. To impress the girls mainly. Still, they put him down in front of the girls for their own benefit. Tomas would never do that. Sometimes, he would have said that back to them later, confronting them. Just to get response from them: ‘Would you prefer if we just stood by the next time?’ Of course not, he wasn’t ready for that yet. Yet, but carefully waiting for the day, when he will have the upper hand! He will show them all! ‘This has to change! This must stop!’ He had enough of that feeling, that he is being stepped on by everyone! By being lied to, trying to shatter his dreams before they even start. ‘Lies! All lies! I will never trust what you all say again! I’ll wait, the upper hand will be mine in the end!’ Sometimes they (family, friends) would feel guilty, asking him how he feels, what is on his mind, if he is mad at them. As much as he wanted to oppose them, he protected them out of courtesy by pretending everything is OK. And because real man doesn’t complain, he finds solution. He continued his training regime. Stopped to care about what others say. He learnt that no matter how much progress he would do, he wouldn’t get any support from anyone, because of how far away his end goal was in their eyes. They couldn’t see that far, couldn’t believe this will continue for so long to see it through. And he couldn’t wait to prove them wrong!



This story is touching thanks for sharing your story.

Good history! I’ll read again after I feel better…

Thanks for sharing this amazing story and gave me hope and inspersion

Thank you all for the feedback, I highly appreciate it. I just want to mention that I wrote a whole ebook as a tribute to Linkin Park. I took inspiration in their songs and made up long story around them in my head. I published Part I: Becoming you…; this December out of total of 4 that will include most of the Linking Park songs. I approached it as if Linking Park was making me my own soundtrack for the book :D, meaning the dedicated sections (of individual songs) should reflect whats in the song, and should made it appear as if LP did soundtrack to the book, and not the other way around :). Although the book is fiction, some of the parts in it like this one (hit the floor), is my actual autobiography. Other parts are just exaggerated to create more drama (make it more interesting) but still autobiography. But, in the end it would be hard to find exact moment when it stopped to be ‘autobiography’ and become pure fiction.

Should you be interested in it I’m leaving link to it:

It’s completely free if you happen to be kindle user. However, I will continue to post other dedicated sections to songs for free here in the LP forums.

Also you can read Full chapter 1 of the book at https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/132344462-tomas-cudzis-and-the-struggle-for-jutice-&-truth&gtpart-i-becoming-you

I will continue to update it over time until the full book will be readable there for free!

Thank you again for support!


Thanks to you for sharing your thoughts and work with us. I’ll read later, ok?

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