Help with gift idea

Im thinking ahead for my brother’s birthday as he hasn’t been able do celebrate one in a few years as he spent 2 of them deployed in Afghanistan . What should I get a person who is turning 24

If into Gaming… something for Xbox or PS?
If he hasn’t got one already, perhaps some sort of MP3/MP4 player?

Depends on the person and what he likes :slight_smile:

Give him something that means something to him! U know him best (way better than we do for sure^^)
It doesnt have to cost a lot or anything just has to be special for him!

I mean someone coming back from Afghanistan will be happy just to be back with you and his family!
Show him some love :slight_smile:

make a scrapbook:) put pictures of your family, your brother’s friends etc. you can put what everything you want! (pictures,lyrics,recipes jokes…) :D:D

My brother has every game todate he isn’t into scrap booking either

I hope you get some inspiration for the gift idea :slight_smile:

I’m sure she will manage :smiley: