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On Sun, November 26, 2017 at 4:24 AM, rebecca83 said:
I purchased the deluxe package the first day LPU17 was announced. I’m having issues to purchase the music. It won’t go into my cart, it tells me to be a member. Even tried doing the $10 level membership for downloads. One would think that would be included in the deluxe. I get error messages. “Unknown error” " User not authorized" WTF? I don’t get it. Help please, and thank you.

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LPU Membership is not active after purchase

The LPU music? Having LPU membership doesn’t give you access to the LPU music (you have to buy it digitally for $7 each roughly).

I believe there is a plan/idea to let LPU members stream LPU music free via the LP app, however I think this won’t be anytime soon.

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Thank you. Maybe your young brain can wrap its self around this.

I was trying to purchase like you mentioned example
$9.99 for downloading of LPU1 music. It won’t go into my cart so I can buy/download it. It tell me I need to be a member.
For shit and giggles I tested if I could buy other LPU merchandise.
The $2.00 buttons, it went into my cart ok.

Unless, I’m just to frickin’ old to figure this crap out.


Did you redeem your LPU code?


I got the receipt thank you email. No number of any sort on there.

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Now I held the special coupon thing and it told me it was going to email me something? Then what?

No email back yet.


Could you explain this thing please? I’m new as well to LPU but I didn’t receive any code :blush: thank you!


When you buy one of the LPU 17 bundles, it will send you an email titled “A special thank you for your recent Linkin Park purchase!”, which is kind of deceiving as to what it actually is. This is basically your membership. Your membership is not active until you use this coupon code to buy the $10 membership (which with the coupon code, will make it free).

I know it sounds complicated, but I believe it is a limitation of the system that it doesn’t redeem itself. I wish the email was more detailed in explaining what it actually is. If you need more help redeeming it, let me know.

@six_182, your profile says you have an active membership, so unless you had one previously and the current one didn’t apply (since I can’t see when it expires), everything looks good on your end


Ok, going to try that. See what happens.


Nope, nothing! After clicking the 10.00 membership. It doesn’t go into to cart, ask for my information.



Did you get the email I mentioned, and you’re just having issues redeeming it?



I have redeemed nothing.
How can I post screenshots maybe this might explain more.


Can you screenshot the confirmation email you got? Just press upload image…


Check your attitude at the login. They’re helping you where possible, nobody here can take over on your side and do it for you. Doing certain things on mobile vs desktop can sometimes affect the actions on the site, make sure your membership is fully active, try a different browser as I’ve had issues with certain browsers not letting you complete actions whereas a different one will complete it smoothly. It could have also just been them doing work on the site. Be patient it’s not a life/death issue so chill
Best of luck and hope it resolves!

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You should just be able to paste screenshots into the text box, just make sure there’s no sensitive info if its of your emails. Otherwise there should be an upload button above the text box on desktop, and below it on mobile.


Thank you for answering. Maybe, since I bought the standard bundle including the membership, I just received the email with subject “Receipt from Linkin Park” :slight_smile: so I’m done I suppose

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Framos1792🥇you rock!

Absolutely that was my problem. I had to use Firefox instead of Safari.

Thank you very much for everyone’s help.

Purchased music to download. Let’s see if I can download the zip flies.


Thanks so much! I had purchased a deluxe bundle and got the code but this will be my second year in the LPU and I wasn’t sure what was going on when I got the renewal notice.


Hey guys. Having kinda the same problem here. I purchased “LPU 17 Deluxe Bundle + Membership”, got the confirmation email to my inbox with the delivery info and that’s it. No codes, nothing. My LPU status is “ account” and profile says “Legacy Member”.

How long does it take to receive a code? Or is there anything I’m missing?

Found the email with the coupon under the Promo section of Gmail. Yes, you just need to click on the link there and purchase a $10 subscription which will cost you $0.

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LPU Membership is not active after purchase