Hello-- Any lpu 1..0 or 2.0 members still here?

Hi guys, been here since LPU 1 username was allenjamieson back then, my joining year was weird and was some point In the 60’s mostly now though I just pop on every now and again .

Hey All, LPU 1, first 1000. I let my subscription lapse when they upgraded LPU to the format/website it is today. Still have the same username but my member since date unfortunately doesn’t match. I keep up on the site/news and pop in on a rare occasion.

Sad day for the LPU family. Devastated, as my eyes fight back the tears I’ve been crying since I heard the news this morning. Whatever corner of the earth you reside in, may you find solace in the memories you have of our number one band. Love and blessings.

I’m also heartbroken, and i just cant figured out why he did it… watching the last performance from the uk show really gets me the feels. my plan was to see them with the girlfriend this fall.

Even i don’t know the reason :confused:


@Arguetil3am I was one of the first 500, but life happened and I was gone for a while. Like you I was able to meet the band in 2002 at a meet and greet. It was one of the best nights of my life. <3


Well, I have been an LPU member in the past LPU1.0-LPU 10 and then life happened I guess. Kinda fell away from it.

I just renewed recently, to be honest. My first time posting in here since doing so. In light of recent events. I just felt like I needed to reconnect with the LPU community. I have missed being a part of it for the last 5 years.

I am just glad to be back in the mix again. Hell, it’s been so long. I doubt any of the people I knew and forum chatted with on the Old LPU webpage are even still part of it anymore. :\

Kind miss my old 31k post count lol.


I was an LPU 2 member. Didn’t renew after LPU 10. Joined back a few weeks ago. Just wanted to be back with my LP family even though the people I made friends with on here are probably gone. It’s good to be back home


I’ve been in the LPU every year except version 8

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Hi I was a member of LPU 1/2.0 and as things do life got in the way. But came back for a bit during LPU 9 and then rejoined again this year.
I find it crazy how a band I have grown up with is also being enjoyed by my own little monsters :smile:


hi all! reading the posts, it feels good to know i’m not the only one that has the same type of feelings. I was in LPU 1 all the way through til LPU 8, but like all… life happened and i stopped renewing just 'cuz i got too busy and kept adulting, BUT i never stopped being a fan. Just didn’t have time to pay as much attention as i did before. but, i too, want to reconnect with the LPU community, especially after everything that has happened. Some of my best online experiences were in these forums. I wonder if anyone is still here that i use to talk to:thinking:. so much has changed on here as well.


I was an LPU 2.0-5 member. (Originally I thought it was 3-5 but found my 2.0 cd!) I was a runner up to a postcard designing contest they had and got all sorts of cool gear, I believe that was specifically through the LPU? Then I met my husband, moved all over with the military and had kiddos, but was always a huge fan. I restarted my LPU membership recently and was pleased to get my original name back (KrylonTheory)!


What was your username? Mine was MTXtitanium I was one of the first 500

It is the same as it is now.

Hi There, i’m more active on the facebook groups. I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are going to the Chester memorial show, see you all there!

Hey i was an lpu 2.0 through 4.0 then when membership went to $65 i couldn’t afford it anymore.

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Welcome back!!

I am a lpu members i just sing up this year.

Thanks…though i haven’t renewed and i think that lpu account got deleted already. but with membership prices at this time i still cannot afford to pay $40 to $65 yearly for an unemployed low income lady. no reply back is needed but thanks again.

I’ve just found your postcard!

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