Hazmat area, nuclear waste, temp festival toilet, just...just turn away-save yourself!

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the song is bleed it out:woozy_face:

claim retracted, appeal approved.

but work on remaking it had already begun… newayz…:sleeping:

New block


new blocks by WMG :
Jornada Del Muerto
Waiting for the end
The Messenger

By this time, i guess it’s clear what’s happening…

Concert in Greece blocked in Greece!

Truthstream media suggested to youtube creators to
“start a band so you don’t get banned!”
not so sure about that…

Dear @achilleas7 saw your post in the What are you temporarily doing right now topic.
I’m not sure how to phrase it.
I’m careful around you for a while now, cause I don’t want to inflict any pain.
And I see that you try to save people you care about.
But it’s probably time.
I don’t need saving.
From no one.
That job is for me alone.
(As much as I love all the support I get at this extraordinary place and the LPU family.)
But I will not watch your videos.
I’m sorry. I know how important they are for you.
For me, if someone says, give me your hand, I will lead you into the light of the only truth.
I turn around, prefer to be blind.
I don’t want a one and only truth, will never accept that.
Real sorry my dear! I hope I don’t upset you to much or hurt you in anyway. I seem to have quite a talent for that, for sure.
Take care!


Wow! You can be so rude!

Come on! @achilleas7
I appreciate hooking on American tv series. I like to get my brain empty after a long work day. No thinking, just sinking in.

I’m not getting all of your post. Sorry.

Please, please, even when I annoy you, be nice to me. :grimacing:

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it wasn’t rude my dear @anna834
having a life blown for this and having people preferring a moment to relax in this life of spiritual relaxation is my daily norm.
I also posted similar stuff in the Greek language in my youtube one hour after the comment in LPU so it goes out to a fat 80% (i’m being kind) of those i have come in contact with.
There, (as in “not in here”) i also talk about video games to “relax” and then insulting their children by saying “i love my children more than anything in the world” yet instead of checking out something for them, i choose to level up a character every 30 minutes i get!
gets me a lil’ mad sometimes :mask:

A shepherd’s job is to keep the sheep safe and for that, they need to look ahead, further than what the sheep can see.
Suspecting others care for what is happening around us as much as i do, having my own sheep in mind and how to get them home is something i do wrong, not others.
i also expect more from psychiatrists…
all that statement meant was that i thought someone of the same profession would catch my hints easier and feel obligated to follow their lead…
for safety!

If it sounded rude, maybe that was a reflection of how you referred to my videos some days ago?

There’s this problem with my character dear @anna834
i don’t get to choose moods and i dont get to choose who gets hurt from the truth.
all i can do is try my best to control the blow of what happens when things thrown in the glass find their way out and share my apologies, not accept theirs, if my selection of s(words) was not delicate enough as to make a clean cut.

nothing is personal to me but how much each one matters to me personally!
so forgive the passion as well!

:love_letter: you can leave that unopened until you change your mind.
i do hope it’ll still be there when u do! (this thread we’re in is the proof that it might not!)

sorry for any inconvenience!
only on the other side of the river can my annoying nature get appreciated.
all i’m doing is throwing this rod around, throwing’em in and out for more!
others like big baits, others need bigger hooks…
others need to be shaken a little to wake up just as i did (first line of first video of 2016) (pre-pilot)
it was a slap in my case but that’s just a start of a journey!

<3 :hugs:

I can see, that you probably don’t want to.
But outch, you hurt me.
Especially when you dig out my deep pain moment that I shared here. Thanks for the reminder.
Please give it a rest!

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i honestly have no idea what moment you are referring to :frowning:
my only reference is for where you said something along the lines of “i have better things to do” referring to something that has more value and cost to make than you imagined.
i am not going back to find the exact words, my heart remembers the feeling it got!

i never learned to even spell that!
things around us don’t rest, so how dare we?

I have never said something in that line. Never!
Even if I would think that way, and I don’t, would say something like that!
I said thank you for not throwing one of your videos at me, in a moment of really deep pain. And ment, that you, as a person, was there for me.


the clock stopped ticking in 2015
and here i am in 2019 defending my self for caring enough to be rude where i should as all annoying rings do. you bought the clock for telling you, not for smashing it :slight_smile:

smashing it is what most do and not many ask why it rang in the first place!
punching a mirror is like telling it : “No, your reflection is wrong, you’re distorted”
then follows blood…

reading your statement again, thank you for clearing it out, i realize that even knowing now what you mean it still hurts as much.
maybe it’s the cost to make them, maybe it’s knowing how that cost was accepted so others can get out of pain themselves by choosing to follow the white rabbit’s trail,
maybe it’s the loneliness of the other side because as i said again, it’s not personal.
or maybe understanding that when someone calls them "one of your videos’, they haven’t watched a single minute to see who it is they really belong to.

maybe it’s d) all the above!
you do have every right, and everyone does!
but can’t i start wondering out loud of what is it with hollywood hooks if i’ve made a hollywood myself all costs reserved and never asked a dime and nobody gets “hooked” out not even the U fans of LP?

planted an olive tree in the beginning of 2019.
it sprouted already with 50 or so flowers and it only produced one olive.
boy, ain’t that accurate!

So please understand, i am not intending to offend, but from this unfortunate event, everyone receives what they should.
others wonder but won’t look into because they even pretend to wonder so they can go ahead and continue what they did before they do
and others hopefully will see what i am dangerously exposing at all costs tonight!

terrible damage i’ve allowed to happen today…
my apologies to you @anna834 personally, but not to a single one who finds a reflection of themselves in these words!
the war is on and i won’t accept “i didn’t know” when swinging a sword towards the enemy camp.

when ugly, ugly the mirrors become, so it’s time to start washing up to a better day!
this is a result of a lot of talks here dear @anna834
that’s why i owe that apology to you!
it’s all about having time for hollywood when i never insist but just throw them out there but noone ever has time for that!
it’s the situation i am at war with, not you expressing it.
i’ve travelled 700km and back to hear the same a year later…
threads are no biggie…

just like a messenger carries a message and we can either ignore the message or shoot the messenger.
none of the two changes the news!

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Not getting really everything you say.

I know, I can be a real nuisance.

@achilleas7 you don’t like the word rest.
And I love it.
So, you get a big hug from me now! :hugs:
Stay strong solder! :heart:
I’m here. The way I am. :kissing_heart:


don’t say that!
even today you got the proof that you’re not,
See, i don’t spend any energy on nuisances!

the more you had to read and endure today, could be only a mere indication of how much i value your heart as one this message can reach.
and if anything else, the message is not to love ourselves, but not to be harsh on us either!
there is absolute control in what’s happening around us
having zero control of that ourselves makes it hard to believe and this is why the proof has been laid out in the lousy way that they have! (too short, too long, too complicated, too musical, too unmusical) trust me, i’ve heard them all!
The messenger was only the trail of his blood to get there.
that’s why it matters to him so much but never more than it should.

just imagine the range of the people you’re referring to when you make a video for all.
the number you’ll get is the exact number of reasons they all have for looking the other way!
it’s like the vastness of the cosmos :laughing:

Not really sure what’s going on here, becuase some of the posts have been deleted, but you need to back off, @achilleas7. A lot of people are becoming increasingly irritated at your largely nonsensical essays of replies. Nobody watches those videos you always post at the end of each essay. There are a couple of reasons behind this, the first is that they all look dodgy as fuck, the second is that they seem to be trying to push your beliefs onto us. I noticed it from fairly early on and it just solidified in the smart questions thread when we were debating the big bang.

I’ve kept quiet until now and just dealt with it, but getting angry at another person that tells you they’re not interested and then insulting them is not something I’m standing for. I have no issue making enemies for the sake of saying what people need to hear. If someone tells you to stop bothering them with your posts, you let them be or we’ll have a problem.

We don’t understand a lot of your posts, we only get snippets, the rest is nonsense to us. The problem isn’t necessarily caused by your English ability, but your insistence on speaking in metaphors. Speaking elloquently is an invaluable skill. If you got straight to the point in your posts, they won’t be so long and difficult to read, and cutting the videos will also help with that.

Don’t misunderstand me, we’re not trying to police what you post, you post whatever you want. Just don’t try to push your views onto us, and don’t get angry when somebody politely asks you to stop. I’m not here to be polite, I’m here to be direct, so if you have a beef about this, take it up with me.


the fish have been gathered already @the_termin8r.
last throw before sunset is always a far fetch!

trains do throw a final signal before departure do they not?
know the difference between the high speed one with the normal train?

your comments appreciated and will be noted but metaphors can’t stop because five fail to get them!
one of them only was a surprise and hurt really, the others stood out earlier than you’d think.

but this is not the outcome with @anna834 but you’re too blinded to even notice little brother
i tried for you too and we will both remember!


We don’t understand a thing you post

Just back off alright


it’s my thread @StephLP18 !!!
sorry if i can’t help you there either!

Fuck off with that shit, I’m not your brother.