Have you seen that one video of linkin park its funny

its this funny lp momets type video

they ordered chicken and it was really gross chester was like dude u smelled it and mike is like “it smells like bo” so they throw it out their hotel or apartment window mike throws this “chicken fricase…” outthe window" he then explains how rob or brad didnt pronounce the chicken frkase right and how there’s a difference " had the waiter laughing" … anyway have u seen that clip . it was on a funny youtube video …i wanted to find it :smiley:


lol bahahaahahahaaa!!!

This one has the chicken thing and a little more stuff.

Have you heard of Frat Party by any chance?

Except that almost everything was said by different person than you claim, yeah.

Honestly I don’t like it, if somebody throw food out of the window. Well, it’s a long time ago and they were young.

They were in France while they were filming and Dave (“Phoenix”) had ordered chicken “frickasee” and the waiter laughed at him because of the way he pronounced it. Then Rob had picked up the cover to smell it and Mike’s like “Dude, put the cover back on, it smells like B.O.” then Mike chucks it out the window onto the sky light. Ah, the young LP days.

That scene is part of the secret easter egg found in Frat Party. It’s an awesome LP documentary. [biggrin]

I’ve actually never seen that clip before but thank you for the link. Hella made my day so far .

It was very courageous of him to smell it… they should have allowed him to send it back.

Haha, yes :slight_smile: i have watched Frat Party at the Pankake Festival so many times :slight_smile: