Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002)

This was the last song on the album LPUX Demos album, and I’m in love with it! I don’t know much about this track, but judging from the date it was created around the Meteora time, maybe it was dropped from the album due to Session already being there or something? I dunno. So I’d really like some feedback if you know anything about this track, or indeed any of the other tracks on this album. I don’t know why there’s just something about the sound of this that I love!

I quite agree with you! Many of LPs instrumentals without anyone singing are simply amazing :slight_smile: the reason why most of them are not on an album is obvious:
For an album u do kinda need vocals which make many a song WAY better :slight_smile:
I have no idea as to how LP chooses which tracks but I share your appreciation for them!

Yeah, I agree with you there. It’s still a really nice piece though. And it sounds like it had quite a bit of work put into it, it can’t have taken a short time to make it. Maybe it will be a good question to ask in the next Linkin Park chat, how they choose what to put on an album and what not to. :]

I love it! I really like all instrumental songs but if I had to choose, Drawing would be my number 1 :slight_smile:

Maybe it should’ve been a song for the Halo soundtrack (that xbox game) but for some reason not ended up on the soundtrack. The Halo release was in 2002.

when i listen to it i wonder how they lyrics would fit on this track if it had any

Its alright. I much prefer A.06 and Cure for the itch. I think it could have been modeled more along the lines of Session.

I so agree the way it picks up that new note when in Breaking The Habit Chester starts singing

Halo is my favourite from LPUX …