Got my Meet & Greet but need to decide on what to get Signed!

Ok I need HELP!!! lol I cannot for the life of me decide what to get signed. I own all their CD’s & DVD’s, I have some posters, a Wallet (not gonna get that signed to hard lol), Hell I even have a Wall Clock!! lol I just cannot decide, maybe I’m to excited? lol I dunno maybe I am, it’s the first time I get to see them live, I have 4 more days (saturday) to decide what to get signed so I need ideas, Please Help Me!!! [eek]

I had my concert and meet & greet yesterday and I brought one of those limited edition tour posters for them to sign on! I thought it was the perfect thing :). Just giving you another idea besides the ones you have mentioned.

I plan on getting my LPU 11 Flag signed!! I will see you there!

i had the band sign this

and quicky had chester sign my hybrid theory album cover :smiley:

Bring something you won’t mind holding on to for the duration of the concert. For example if you plan on being in the pit a poster might not be the best idea as it may get crumpled.

I usually go with an LP flag or cd cases. Or I try to come up with something creative. If I got a M&G for saturday (I think all confirmations are out so I don’t think I did) I would get them to sign my shirt I’m making; it will say ‘youngest lp fan’ with an arrow to my pregnant belly.

To all those people who want to get the LPU 11 flag signed, I must warn you that they use BLACK markers. I saw a fan at the M&G bring the flag and phoenix signed it and NOTHING COULD BE SEEN. Lol. Just letting ya know! :slight_smile:

They usually have silver Sharpies on hand too, maybe not that night though

I say blow up a picture you like of them, a poster, get your CD signed. Or something more personal like artwork or something you made.