Good LP playlists?


I was wondering if you guys have some suggestions for good LP playlists with songs that go well together? I’m not looking for like one big playlist with peoples’ favourite songs, more like smaller playlists with songs that complement each other well and follow from each other without necessarily being on the same album.

It doesn’t have to be super inventive: a while ago I figured that if I played through A Thousand Suns, if you want to extend it then you can do the following: after The Catalyst plays you can turn to the final segment of Hunting Party by playing Drawbar, Final Masquerade and A Line in the Sand, before finishing up ATS with The Messenger. While obviously different in style, I found that these songs made for a nice extension of the album.

Today I also noticed how well Mark the Graves and The Little Things Give You Away complement each other as I listened to them one after the other. Of course I’m kinda hoping to find playlists larger than 2 songs but just to illustrate my point :sweat_smile:

(At the risk of droning on: my most developed playlist to date is a modified One More Light album of my design for those who are interested. I’ll add it in the post below to keep the OP more on point with my request :stuck_out_tongue:)

(I couldn’t find a similar topic to this when searching, hope I didn’t miss anything :/)


My modified OML playlist:

  1. Roads Untraveled + Talking to Myself (from One More Light Live)
  2. Nobody Can Save Me (fan-made version with Mike on backing vocals, I think it was removed from YouTube because I could not find it today and had to play it from my phone downloads)
  3. Good Goodbye
  4. Battle Symphony
  5. Invisible
  6. Heavy
  7. Heavy (8-bit version, available on YouTube)
  8. Sorry for Now (either normal version or from Mike’s Post Traumatic tour)
  9. Halfway Right
  10. Crawling (One More Light Live)
  11. One More Light
  12. One More Light (fan-made live mix version with Mike & Chester singing together, available on YouTube)
  13. Sharp Edges (either normal or from OMLL)
  14. Leave Out All the Rest (One More Light Live)

I might make another modification to it in the future but this is how I listen to it currently.


Interesting this one

I don’t have a set playlist, i just stick my spotify on shuffle and let it go to town

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