Gift for Mike. Help needed!


Hey Guys!!

I don’t know if the emails for the Orlando Show M&G have been sent, but assuming they have I have a favor to ask.
I will be attending the show with a GA Ticket, but was curious if anyone would be able to get a gift to Mike from me. It’s a thank you letter and piece of art I created for him. It would mean the world to me.
If you can, let me know when a time is I can meet you and will be glad to work with you.

Thank you!!!


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Hi, I wish I could help you out but unfortunately I didn’t get an email either for the meet and greet :frowning: I hope you can find someone to help you :pray:t3:

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I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get one either…:persevere: never been able to meet him and he’s the reason I followed my passion of music. I’ve only been to three concerts in my life and two were LP in 2004 and 2008, so definitely a big deal to which I’m more than certain you can relate :blush:
Thank you though!!

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You’re welcome. I’m sorry to hear you never got to meet him…yet. I was fortunate enough to win a LPU meet and greet for LP last show in Orlando 2015 and it was my second LP concert. I don’t live in Orlando but I visit it as often as I can every year. I hope someday you get to experience a LPU meet and greet because it’s a day you’ll never forget. Keep trying and I’m sure one day you’ll get one for either Mike or LP (If They Continue). Continue to follow your passion for music, Looking up to Mike is the best person in the music business to look up to. Enjoy the concert tomorrow night! I know I will, I am hoping to get upfront because I never been upfront in a concert ever.

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That is so awesome you were able to meet them!! I will keep trying. I should’ve stayed with LPU. I used to be a member, but you know life takes its own path.
Mike is unbelievably talented and stays amazingly humble (along with the rest of the guys). He is easy to look up to haha
Enjoy the show tonight!!! :metal:t2::grin: almost time!!