Funny People!

Okay this is simple, list people who you think is funny and it can be anyone! It can be from actors to comedians or members from Linkin Park to members from the LPU!

For comedians I got: Dat Phan, Jim Breuer, and Frank Caliendo.

What’s yours?

Mike and Phoenix are very funny guys! Together they are grazy

Ninja Joe, who else? xD

Seth MacFarlene & Greg Giraldo (RIP)

i really love a french comedian, gad elmaleh, he is soooo funny
and joey and pheobe from friends :smiley:

Actors: Will Ferrel, Eddie Murphy, Jack Black
Comedians: Carl Barron, Dave Hughes, Chris Rock
Linkin Park: Chester, Brad, Mike

I absolutely love Frank Woodley, Gabriel Inglesias, And I swear I’d marry Chris Rock. From Linkin Park I’d say Phoenix, he probably has the most screen time in LPTV and LPUTV, but most importantly he always rocks it.

Adam Hills
Will Anderson
Craig Ferguson/Geoff the Robot/Josh Robert Thompson
Adam Sandlar

Of course LP!