For those who appreciated the LP Japanese Fundraiser and concert at the Mayan...ENJOY!

This was a neat video :,) thanks for sharing! I’ll always admire LP for being such a big help with all this… MFR FTW

Long live MFR~

Amazing video! Thumps up for MFR :slight_smile:

Oh my god that made me cry, thank you so much for posting this video filled with so much sadness and devastation and yet full to the brim of so much hope love and inspiration. It restores your faith in humanity.
And Linkin Park will forever more be more than just a band for all they do, they are outstanding!!

Oh hey, this is an amazing video! Really, this touched me! :'3

Very moving video. Everyone watch!

Thanks for sharing with us! this touched me so much

Beautiful video…I hope everyone watches this. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the share…it made me cry but it was so touching [heart][heart][heart][heart][heart][heart]