For the LP fans on here trying to/ would LOVE to create a bond with other fans

[b]I figured that since so many people on here are so outgoing and friendly, why not go ahead and put my new blog out there for everyone to get involved in!!!
i just made my first blog post on here the other day just to introduce myself to everyone but i would LOVE for my blogs to be about ALOT more than my own boring life.
i would like for people to come and feel free to speak about things on their mind, from the most general question to a random thought that pops into your head.
My main goal is to create a place of friendship where we can feel comfortable and openly speak about problems in our life, everyone needs someone to vent out to, and who knows; maybe others on here are going through the same thing.

so please, message me with topics, ideas, random convo’s, ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF!!
i will write about anything you ask me to!!!
which ever person’s questions and/or idea i chose, will be recognized in my blog entry

PS- tell your friends about my blog!!!
remember: the more, the merrier!!![/b]


but thats what lp is :smiley:
to make bond with other lpuers :3
or die -.-