For the Europe LPU'ers, how much time does it take to receive the LPU Plus Package?

It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since I ordered, and I didn’t receive anything yet. How much time does it take?


Hii there,

My husband and I have ordered at the same time the package.
My husband had his package within 2 weeks.
I winthin 2 months.
You just have to waith…

I´m waiting since two weeks as well and get nothing…my LPU9 package never arrived:(

Just be patient. You’ll get it. It can take from 10 days up to 2 months so…just wait!

What does your order status say? If it’s ‘ready’, the package isn’t out yet. If it says ‘fulfilled’, your package is on the way to you.

My orders always took minimum 4 weeks, up to 8 weeks. So, don’t worry. Everything will be delivered [wink]

Thanks everybody!
You see, I was in LPU9, and I think LPU HQ forgot about my package or something, because it passed 3 months, and I didn’t receive a thing. Then, I contacted Adam, and I got the package two weeks later. Lucky for me…