Food is for music, music is for food!

Studio Version:
Mix of exotic spices.

Live at Milton Keynes 2007:
A type of chocolate with milk, and strawberries or another fruit.

LPU version (Fear Demo):

Ballad Medley:
Bananas with mole.

2017 version:
Spaghetti with hot sauce. French fries. Cheetos. Ground beef. Milkshake.

One More Light - Linkin Park.

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Wow dude… tell me, are you a gourmet? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Studio version -
Like a good mojito cocktail
Live dedicated to Chris Cornell - like a cold vodka

Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down

More that less :laughing:

I have many versions as I can from my favourites songs.

In the case of Numb, I have like 7-10 versions:
Studio version.
Piano version.
Live at Milton Keynes.
RIR 2012.
Instrumental version.
iHeartRadio 2012 version.
Acapella version.
I don’t remember if @Stormy_Day has made a cover of Numb.
Live in Texas.
Live in Madrid.

It tastes like peanuts with sesame seeds.

Numb - Linkin Park.


Somebody summoned me!:slight_smile: So, my Numb is here:

I did jaja

Thanks! And amazing job as I expected of you.

Now I have 11 versions of Numb.

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I appreciate this! Will try to make something amazing in a couple of monthes:)

Take your time.

Meanwhile… You can post what type of food you imagine when you hear Numb -if no one do :smile: -.

Any food prepared by Grandma as well as Numb is her fucking ringtone :smiley:

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Cookies (?) LOL

That’s a good answer! But you forgot to put the name of a song and the band to continue with the game.

Live in texas - spicy noodles

Be careful with the noodles LOL

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Hmm… you’ve given me an idea!
Rules of this game updated !
If you set a song that might be unfamiliar to any folks, bring a video!(I suppose most of the guys know LP and the classics… and some really mainstream songs)

For example I say:
Though the fires and flames - DragonForce. Nobody here knows them. Then I’ll post the link with the video?

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Get it!

Interpol - Say Hello to the Angels.


Linkin Park - A Line In The Sand

Chilli peppers

When they come for me





Burn it down

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Biryani… (its kinda rice with veggies :yum: )

Castle of glass