Fictional characters

My two favorite fictional characters are The headless horseman, And Link From Legend of Zelda…
So, if you have one, tell me who your favorite fictional character is/was.

i have a lot ones from games, shows, my stories :3

renji, neji, howrange, shikamaru, gaara, hisagi, tien, android 18, zolo,

piccolo, link, trunks, sasuke,

and a lot more

keigo- from bleach is stupid! i love that guy,
noba- isnt my favorite character but i like him i think hes cool and hes cool as a turtle

I personally like Tobi from Naruto Shippuuden and Tikki Mikk from D-Gray Man :smiley:

Riku from Kingdom Hearts and Shadow from Sonic The Hedgehog! :smiley: