Favourite Linkin Park Member Qoutes

I’ve seen a few topics about favourite qoutes from LP songs, so i thought it would be fun to see which qoutes you guys like from the individual band members, from interviews, LPTV and such :slight_smile:

I have a few:

Chester: And even after we tell you, you’re still not gonna now

Mike: You cant stop ME!

Dave: Today, this video is by Joe Hahn…We worked with him in the past.

Chester: We know who we are now, we are Linkin Park, and there is nothing else like us.

pfoe I’m sure there are some that I like but I don’t know…
I liked when Mike said to Chester that he didn’t see him like a manboy that was funny ^^

There are so many. This is from an interview in German TV. It’s about how difficult is was in the beginning of LP.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about taking your record deal. What where your feelings, when you got some refusals?
Rob: We had a really tough time. We are think we are refused by every label in the universe.
Chester: We even created our own label and…
Chester and Rob at once: …didn’t sign ourselves.

“We’d like to think that our music will always be bigger than any one of our individual personalities.” ~ Chester

“We have people in the band who don’t drink or do drugs… some of us like to go sightseeing.” ~ Mike

“The biggest misconception about us is that we’re just a rock band. We think our music is a cross-section of many genres; a hybrid of what the six of us have grown up on.” ~ Brad

"Dream big,work hard,and don’t be an asshole " ~ Mike

“I have one question for you-Is the chicken hungry.”

there is this video that dave is trying to get a cop of coffee from this machine and it doesnt work
then mike comes along and tries it
then dave punches him with a coffee bag thing or something and mike says;

‘‘stop it, stop i’t’’

lol , loved it so much i made a gif from it

Haha you mean quotes did u? :smiley:

My favorite is…“chillin with the big ben” from rob (Crawlingdvd)

And i love the drunken mike shinoda… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkEIj-SPa2E

Situation : " The Making Of Meteora " - Every band member tells , at the beginnig , what they think about pressure beside producing the new record. Everyone says some deep and pesonal things… and then there s the Joes answer : " I aint nothing but chickenwings ! " New situation : Chester and Mike in a book-shop - Chester wants to say something into the camera , but Mike stops him : " No , its not Chester-time , its me-time ! Im addicted of Chester , Ive got a problem and BETTY has to help me ! " ( He says this while taking a book about the Betty Ford Clinic outta a cupboard ) Then Chester takes a Sex book and shows it to Mike : " No thats not mine , this for you !"

Chester: “Its not tea, no, its the blood of a virgin… nah im only kidding”

Cracks me up so hard, think that was on one of the LPUX videos