Favorite Shinoda songs

I love the entire album…it’s really hard to chose! :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

  • Watching as i fall
  • Hold it together
  • Running from my shadow
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That is a hard one!! But here i go!

1.Over Again
2. About You
3. Prove You Wrong

Fort Minor

2. Cigarettes
3. Petrified

But in the end… their all briljant!! :metal:t2::notes::heart:

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My top 3 for For Minor is:

  1. Petrified
  2. Kenji
  3. Welcome

So I made a preliminary state.
I counted the times the song was mentioned. So I gave no points and I only counted the first 3 songs mentioned (sorry to those who gave a top 4,5,…).

So far, the top 3 for the Post Traumatic CD is as:.

1. Prove You Wrong
2. Running from my shadow
3. Watching As I Fall

The top 3 for Fort Minor is a bit different.
The song that was mentioned the most was:
Then there were 3 songs that ended at the same place.
In random order:
Remember the name


This is such a hard question but I think that the ones I listen to the most are

  1. Prove you wrong
  2. Make it up as I go
  3. I.O.U
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They are all my Favourite! :heart:


Have to change my Post Traumatic top 3:

  1. Nothing makes sense anymore
  2. Running from my shadow
  3. Prove you wrong

and then Ghosts and over again

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