Favorite LP member and why

Of course I love all of them because they’re all totally AWESOME but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say Rob because he’s an amazing drummer, especially on “Victimized” with his death metal drums lol. Not only is he a really talented drummer but he’s also very handsome and adorably shy/quiet. I haven’t met him yet, but I’ve heard that he’s very sweet (I’m sure they all are). And yeah… [biggrin]

Mike would be my second favorite because he’s just so multi-talented and he’s also very funny and personable and bad ass. [cool]

My favorite has to be Mike, i love is talent for rapping the lyrics and he also has an amazing singing voice. My second favorite well, is the rest of the Band Members :). [cool]

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I don’t have a favorite member, I have a favorite band!

[size=200][/size]Couldnt choose! It’s like asking to choose their favourite child!!! OKAY… MIKE!