Favorite linkin park song, video, member, ect

for me personally my favorite linkin park songs would be waiting for the end, new divide, with you, points of authority, and faint.Video would probably be waiting for the end. And my favorite members are mike, chester, and brad.

just discuss your favorite elements of linkin park, such as anything listed above or anything else that you love about them

My favorite song has always been Crawling and then after that it is a toss up there are just so many great songs. My favorite video has to be Numb.

favourite songs are Faint, Papercut, Waiting For The End and One Step Closer, btw yesterday I heard them live for the first time, and it was incredible! :"
video Waiting For The End too, the one and the only
fav member of the band… I really don’t know, maybe Chester, he’s such a hardcore guy :smiley:

As about me - Ițm in love with song One Step CLoser - it was the first song i have heard , thatțs why it is absolutely my favorite - but after listening everything they have i know almost every song and absolutely by heart - so you can already understand that i love them all !
My favorite album is REANIMATION - absolutely in love with all the songs in that album, the sound is amasing!
about the video - i love video IRIDISCENT - and WAITING FOR THE END, What I’VE DONE, NEW DIVIDE

If about the concerts i saw inregistrated - i can listen and watch a lot of times the Concert from Madrid 07.11.10 - i dont know specially why i love concrete that video but i feel the music more special ))
I also love and the ROCK AM RING 2004 - this was the first Video live i saw and almost becouse of it i am a fan of LP

Conclusion is that my love for music of LP is something that make my life more emotional - i love to listen LP, i love to waatch Videos of LP, i love to find and to know all the news regarding that band - and i like and respect all the members of that band, i respect all the people they work with - and i really like to be a part of that big family LPU!!!

everyone, but I love “she couldn’t” most.

all of them

I think a good song to hear live is Numb.

My Fav. Linkin Park song/ video would probably be No Roads left, Bleed it out/ Sabotage and Waiting for the end!! and favorite video would probably be I would say Pushing me away Live at Milton Keys. =D

Castle of glass is up there for me right now, I love New Divide and Waiting for The End and of course, Hybrid Theory…