Fantasy Football

i was thinking about starting a fantasy football league for LPU members only on

how many people would like to take part?

-the league would be 8-10 teams
-drafting on a day in which Linkin Park is NOT performing(or doing the summit)
-playing for bragging rights only (NON-MONEY LEAGUE)
-LPU members ONLY
-pretty standard ESPN Fantasy Football League

anyone up for some fantasy fooball this year?

I would be down for sure. I love doing Fantasy Football

well if you and anyone else who wants in i just set it up.

that link should take you to it

-10 team league

-Draft day is Sunday, August 26th @ 6:30 pm EST(subject to change/a day when Linkin Park is not performing)

-PASSWORD= linkinparkunderground

-Welcome to all LPU members (and all Linkin Park members if any of them play fantasy football)

I just got in on the League. Hope we can get some more people in playing.