Earning Points on LPU

Whats the best way to earn points?

And how often can you earn 4pts for being social? Once every 24hrs?

Thanks :slight_smile:

hahaha I’m new here, but what are these points to? To buy stuff?

Yep! To get LP poster/merchandise

You get 10 points for the 1st few blogs you do, 1 point for the first few comments/posts (idk when that resets, maybe daily?), and points for getting friends. That’s all I know right now… Probably the way to get the most points is get a lot of friends - you get 50 just for reaching 5! And of course you get some after being a member for so many days, you can’t do much about that haha. Other than that, just be active on the site and points will start racking up :slight_smile:

Sign up 1 pts
Be a member for 5 days 50 pts
Be a member for a month 100 pts
Be a member for a year 500 pts
Have 5 friends 50 pts
Have 15 friends 100 pts
Have 50 friends 500 pts