Early entry

For those who have gone to a concert this tour, I was wondering exactly how does the early entry work? Is there a seperate line and how early can you line up in the line? 150 people signed up for meet and greets at my show. Those who don’t get picked will all be early entry so about 100 or so. I don’t want to line up too late even for the early entry line lol thank you

about 4pm they put up a sign saying this is where the LPU early entry line will be here- at my show everyone with a laminete ran over to the new lpu line, it was not very orderly. you can line up as early as you can get there

Ok thank you so much !

your welcome
it is the best perk of LPU!

i was wondering another thing too, if you got a M&G and you also have your LPU11 Laminate… you’ll miss the early entry then?

yes, you probably won’t be very close to the stage