Downloading shows on this tour?

Are they taping any of these shows for fans to download this year?

You can always check here

Looks like you can download shows from this tour, but I didn’t see the code at the show. I guess I’ll email ground(ctrl) for the 3834545th time :wink:

I would love to download the show in Camden I was just at, but no code was released…

Yeah, I didn’t see them selling codes at the Mohegan Sun show on 8/12 either…so I bought it right from the downloads site but there isn’t an option to actually download it yet. [sad]

Yeah that’s because its not available yet! The Bristow show was up like 2 days ago so you guys need to wait a little more till the Camden one is released :slight_smile: It takes time to edit it so don’t expect a show to be up the next day :wink: