Do you know this logo?

I searched a topic where I could ask my question but didn’t found one. So I’ll open one here. Because I don’t want to be creating topics all over, this topic can be deleted once the question is answered… (btw, can a user delete the topics he created?)

Ok… On topic now…
I once bought a Linkin Park patch pack (one you xan find all over the internet). In the pack there’s one patch that I can’t seem to connect to Linkin Park… I thought I knew a whole lot about the band but this one makes me wondering…
Do you know this sign and when was it created? (btw, if you all know it, I’ll feel very very stupid :flushed: :sweat_smile:)

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Kinda similar to Dead by Sunrise logo yet different… :thinking:


You aren’t!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


No, you can’t. Only mods can, buy they delete the topic only if it’s necessary…usually they just close it…

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Yes of course! It’s on one of my lp The hunting Party caps.

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It’s from THP.


Strange… I just can’t see the connection to The Hunting Party… It’s not on the cd, at least not on mine, and there’s no 8nfo to be found about it.
I’m really curious about the meaning behind it

They were on sale as patches at some point

Why delete? Just edit your post and we can turn it into a logo game…bcuz that’s what I thought this was…