[Do Help me] Fell down at work

Fell down on the first day of work 31st Dec 2011…

I fell face down, to protect my face and spectacles, I tried using my left hand to break my fall but it slipped (the floor was slippery as just mopped) and it went straight out. I think I pulled the socket muscle or nerve or something. when my colleagues picked me up, my left hand would tremble when i tried to hold light stuff.

When I went home that night I could still move my left hand anywhere, even put the headphones on me but when i woke up today, i can lift my left hand more than 90 degrees and i cant move my shoulder, it hurts so bad.

I do most things with only one hand, even typing, i have to put a table next to me and rest my left hand there to type.

I can only cover: `1234qwerasdfzxcv, tab, capslock, left shift, left ctrl, windows button, left alt and space bar.

It hurts so bad I don’t understand because i thought it was just a fall. how can i get it healed in a less than 5 hours? i have work later and i work at a restaurant, i have to clear tables serve food etc.

do u think seeing a chinese physician would help? i heard it will be freaking pain but the outcome is great.

gwd worst new year of my life.

My parents wont take me to the hospital because they said im young and it will heal by itself… -- no wonder i always didn’t like them -- even the LPUers in chat are much better then them…

You should go to the hospital yourself. If its a walkable distance. If not call an ambulance.

I quite agree with the post above get yourself looked at :S

sounds like you may have pulled something in your shoulder and jammed your wrist. i personally can’t think of anything that you could do by yourself to help other than heat wraps for your shoulder; but you should try and see a physical therapist (not a chiropractor or an acupuncturist).

more importantly, did you fill out an incident report at your work when it happened? usually at any place of employment you need to tell your supervisor what happened so that if you’re injured and need workman’s comp you have a documented reason why.

i really think u shud get it checked out…hope it doesn’t hurt too much [sad]

i can only assume you have got it sorted out by now,if so i hope things are better. If not you should get help for it as soon as poss, the phisiopherapist is the best sugestion,not getting it fixed could result in permanant damage.