Deluxe Album?

Hey does anyone know wether ‘living things’ will be released as a super album/deluxe/bonus pack?
I have all the top versions of their previous releases, just bought the album and the cupboard was quite bare!


No it don’t look like we will get one this time… There has been some talk about a vinyl edition… Someone ask mike at a M&G, but i don’t know if it true…

Might be a special edition. Remember, it was 2 years after HT was released that a special edition for that was finally released.

There might be some lousy “special edition” including live tracks. They didn’t spend much time on album uhmm front-end comparing to A Thousand Suns.

I would like to see just some B sides, compliations of tracks that didnt make the album, remixes, something, definitely not a live version, we get that with our concerts, but really looking forward to a deluxe version.

Same here dude! I m also waiting for all wht u r talking abt… :slight_smile:

There are no plans to release any special editions of the LIVING THINGS album like what has been done with past albums yet and it probably won’t happen. I did hear something about a Vinyl edition like everyone else is saying but there is no new information about that as of yet.

They really should have done the DVD package like with Minutes to Midnight. I know the “Inside Living Things” video is out there but I’m fan of having discs to watch. Shame but still…Living Things is awesome!

I’ve dicovered the ‘making of’ video on xbox live, it asked me to buy it so i previewed and it let me watch the whole thing! …And if they are doing b-side type stuff it’ll be just LPU again.

Still loyal it’s not about the packaging!