Delicious Pancakes - The Unity Of Us


Verse 1
Light and fluffy
Like an edible feather
Crusty seductive
Like hot summer weather
Took a bite out of the blueberries beside
No word can describe the taste
Savouring every bite
Until nothing is left to waste
I wonder how much I can eat.
Delicious pancakes! I need eat them again.

Chorus 1
Whenever the hot pan is sizzling
And the batch starts whistling
It is time to start the meal
Delicious pancakes - the only thing that’s real.

Verse 2
Hot syrup pouring down slowly
Might get a diabetic - but the pancake is so lovely
I don’t know how much I’ve eaten; 3, 4, or maybe 5
If I keep eating like this, I don’t know if I’ll survive
But I can’t take the fact that I should stop
With them I’d rather run off
And now I‘ll do it one more time - cooking pancakes, feeling fine
I love to eat them, it’s the best type of breakfast
But if I’m eating quickly I’ll make a huge mess

Chorus 2
My heart is beating when I start eating,
Butter melting onto my plate
God that can’t be a disgrace
I keep eating until I reach happy state

Verse 3
Oh how can this be if I cooked thirty three
Don’t say it was me who went on a spree
Cause I know how to contain myself
Til the return of that sweet seductive smell
And alright I lost my battle
I’ll lay on the ground within my mouth that awesome flavor
Pile on my plate, like the leaning tower of Pisa
The taste of maple syrup I want to savour
I want just a never-ending supply
Watch as the amount of pancakes multiply

Oh oh delicous pancakes every night
I can’t get enough, I need one more bite
With a belly full, im’a be alright
My jeans are now getting very tight
But they keep calling, and I just can’t fight
Tomorrow I’ll eat them one more time, and that’s alright!


Great job guys- :ok_hand:t2: I love it … especially how good this one was flowing- and now I have to eat pancakes very soon :yum:


Oh yeah well done team! :tada:

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Thank god thats done

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Difficult to write? :smile: I thought it was fun


Just took forever.

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Kinda off topic, but I just discovered a band called Stacked Like Pancakes :joy:

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Writing yes but not a song. I’ll probably mess around and kill everyone in one verse :wink:

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Great job guys love the song now I want pancakes :grin: :grinning: