Dear Mr President - Covered by LP?

hey guys,

you all know that LP covered rolling in the deep
and I think it would be a great thing if they would cover the song
"Dear Mr. President" by Pink.
It is a wonderful song and I think it would be amazing to hear it
sung by Chester.
If somebody doesn’t know this song,
you can listen here :

Give me your feedback, what do you guys think about this idea?

Honestly I don’t like that song. But at least I’am happy for every song that get covered by LP. Chester give those songs a new vibe.

Since I’ve heard ‘Rolling in the deep’ by cCester, I don’t want to listen to the version by Adele.
I think it would be the same with ‘Dear Mr. President’, but I’m not sure if they would cover it. I like the song a little bit, but it doesn’t really suit Linkin Park.
But you’re right, it would be amazing to hear it sung by Chester.

I loved Rolling in the Deep covered by Chester. In some way, I think it’s much more powerful in the LP version. :wink:

I’m not so sure about them doing a cover of Dear Mr. President, it should just stay a Pink song in my opinion. :slight_smile: