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I just watched Justice League yesterday and I decided to do a review of it and of the other DCEU movies. These movies are so hated by critics (exception-Wonder Women) and audiences and loved only by the hardcore fans. This is mostly because of the darker tone and gritty aesthetic they’ve adopted and because critics seem to dislike Zack Snyder’s style. I personally think that Snyder’s style is a saving grace thats makes the movies works of art. So here’s my thoughts on these films (these are unprofessional reviews. I’m not so good at reviewing so lets call it a fan review)
P.S the spoilers or anything that could potentially spoil the movies are blurred ( I’m just warning you because it is so tempting to press on the blurred texts)

Man of Steel(2013)

This is the movie that kicked off the DCEU. I would call it a masterpiece. It has a interesting story element: Cal El was the first natural birth in centuries because of artificial birth control. I think that twist from the original story makes MoS more interesting and it furthur justifies why Cal’s parents risked so much to save him. From here on the plotline interplays between the present and Clark’s past (another awesome element instead of a simple plot from past to present). The screenplay is epic. The CGI and action sequences are visually stunning. What more does anyone need. Of course the story has depth. They did a good job of developing Superman’s character. They did good world building too. Did anybody notice the Wayne satellite that Zod smashed. Lets not forget the epic score. MoS truly has the best superhero theme I’ve ever heard! Hats off to Hans Zimmer! The scene where Superman dawns his suit for the first time (I love the darker suit!) and learns to fly, is powerful. There were moments that felt overkill but overall Man of Steel is true art so…

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) (2016)

This movie is infamously hated. I actually love the movie. BvS has a dark, sombre tone, which is necessary. I mean seriously, Batman is facing off Superman. There’s nothing cheerful about it. Again the movie has awesome screenplay and CGI. Its a perfect comic book movie. The dramatic opening scenes, Zack Snyder’s classic slow-mo shots and awesome battles give BvS a proper comic book feel. Hans Zimmers score gives the movie a classic feel and everytime Superman’s theme plays I feel a wave of nostalgia! Many new characters are introduced. BvS features a much younger Lex Luthor than we’re used to seeing, but still an awesome villian. The story is quite complicated (you have to watch the ultimate edition for it to make sense) Then there is the infamous Martha scene. This is one of the most misunderstood scenes in history. Batman didn’t spare Superman because their mothers shared the same name. He did it because the shock made him come to his sense. He saw that Superman was a selfless person, pleading for his mothers life instead of his own. He saw that he had let Lex Luthor twist him into the very villain he swore to fight. BvS is another work of art. There were some scenes in the climatic battle that looked overkill and messy but other than that BvS is awesome.

Wonder Woman (2017)
According to critics, this is the first movie DC got right. To me it is the third. Women Woman is the first major female led superhero movie in history. It is different from MoS and BvS. It has a more positive feel, but DC’s gritty aesthetic is (fortunately) still there. WW also boasts stunning action sequences, a coherent plotline etc. I love the way the suit designs in DC movies look darker. I think it makes them look more powerful. There’s a cool twist in terms of Ares’s actual identity The World War 1 setting is excellently represented. Themyscira looks majestic and mystical. There’s not much more I have to say. Let the score speak the words it can:

Justice League (2017)
This is the big one. Finally, the first theatrical representation of the Justice League. Unfortunately the production for this movie wasn’t smooth. Zack Snyder had to leave the project during post-production due to a family tragedy and Joss Whedon took over. The stylistic clash bestween them is visible. The tone is in fact inconsistent. Studio interference from Warner Bros. is also visible. The movie is only 2 hour long. I mean seriously? That makes it the shortest DCEU movie yet and the story was too simplistic. There are scene that the trailers promised that didn’t end up in the movie. That was disappointing. And Steppenwolf, the movies villain is weak. Literally. When Superman returned, he beat Steppenwolf up with no effort. Even Batman put up a better fight. I really felt the absense of Hans Zimmer. Danny Elfman is good, but he is not on Zimmer’s level. JL does a good job of setting up the league. Its an enjoyable movie, the CGI at the end is kind of messy. Overall the movie gives a positive feel (studio interference?) It’s definitely not what it could have been, but still epic. “I dig it”.

Wait🤔…wasn’t there another movie…Suicide Squad or something. Nah, I think I’m just imagining.

So there you go. Thank You for reading.


DC sucks
Only good movie is Wonder Woman. The rest is just horrible. I’m sorry but BvS was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Too long and super boring. Imo Ben Affleck as Batman was the worst possible choice. When I was a little girl I loved Barman series but this movie was a no.
Obviously Marvel is not without flaws but it’s much better than DC. It’s lighter but it’s better written. And the movies are more entertaining.

:joy: Ok. I liked DC since the Dark knight trilogy. Then they tried to reboot and make a new franchise. Man of Steel and Wonder Woman are the best. BvS was challenging, but I still managed to like it. (Maybe I forced myself to like it after Marvel disappointed me since Iron Man 3). Suicude Squad is downright terrible though.

Im repurposing this thread to anything DC.
Also…my current views on the DCEU
Man of Steel 10/10
BvS 8/10
Wonder Woman 9/10
Justice League 5/10 ,sorry this movie absolutely sucks
Aqauman coming soon

Man of Steel…was okay-ish 5/10
BvS was rubbish 3/10
Wonder Woman not seen have heard great things
Justice League sucked ass -6/10
Suicide Squad 5/10

Batman Begins 7/10
The Dark Knight 10/10
Dark Knight Rises 6/10

Batman 7/10
Batman Returns 7/10
Batman Forever 5/10
Batman and Robin 3/10

Superman 7/10
Superman 2 9/10
Superman 3 6/10
Superman 4: 5/10
Superman Returns 6.5/10

Supergirl 5/10

Green Lantern 4/10

Constantine 7/10

Nice, thanks for sharing
I haven’t watched the old batman movies. I was reluctant because the suit looks comical :joy: ( no pun intended there). Guess I’ll check them out.
Ive only watched the first 3 superman movies, but long ago. I’ll rewatch them later.
I’m surprised you liked Constantine. People hated it because it wasnt true to the comics. I personally like comicbook movies with a dark tone


First thing I noticed was that the writing was lazy and cringy and some points. The intro felt rushed. The visuals though, :star_struck:. Smaller budget than Justice League, yet better CGI. The score is amazing too. Hats off to Rupert Gregson-Williams. The songs in the movie are crap though. Maybe because I hate pop music.
The plot was predictable yet it still managed to surprise me in some way. The action sequences were a spectacle and over the top at time. Not at all a serious movie, but I guess that was the intention
I’ll give it 8/10