Copyright head start


Hey all

I have been using LP for my videos for the past 7 years (more than 50 videos) and none has ever needed a copyright dispute since LP songs have always been free to share.

Well, looks like this is changing now, in the underground way it always does.
There are never announcements for these things…
one song has become heavily copyrighted (blocked only in 249 countries) which has created a problem for me since i have to re-edit a very long video and add the live version instead but having switched from an ATI card to an Nvidia in the meantime requires every transition and filter to be redone!
this is almost a month’s worth of work out of the blue for me.

WMG has not responded to the claim yet (one week) so i am reprocessing anyway
I thought i had to let someone know before WMG takes over all the songs of our favorite band !

I have seen it happening with radiohead and i would hate to see it happening again, this time with LP.

maybe if a lot of people upload it in their accounts, WMG can be overwhelmed by copyright disputes perhaps making them realize that they will be better off not blocking LP songs if they don’t want a war with their fans!

Pardon me,
I just fight gold wherever i happen to see it!

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the song is bleed it out:woozy_face:


claim retracted, appeal approved.

but work on remaking it had already begun… newayz…:sleeping:


New block



new blocks by WMG :
Jornada Del Muerto
Waiting for the end
The Messenger

By this time, i guess it’s clear what’s happening…