Concert in Orange County or LA!?

So when are tickets going on sale for Orange County or LA!? I’m waiting, does anyone know?

hopefully! would prefer not to have to drive 5 hours to mountain view ca but i will if i have to

I’m sure they’ll come to LA for the North American tour next year. :slight_smile:
At least the Chula Vista show is a good excuse to take a vacation to San Diego! [biggrin]

Thanks guys for replying back, I’m hoping they will announce it later on! I’ve gone to two of the concerts down here and it was amazing!!

According to, Renman (Incubus manager) told them that LA to be patient, sort of implying that there may be one. Renman hasn’t said anything either through his twitter othe the HQ site and he’s a pretty forward guy when you ask him a question. I think there may be one because all of the presale tickets went out except the Mountain View one. Also, how it possible not to add an LA date when both bands are from LA? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Exactl! They have to represent their hometown and have a concert out here! Thanks guys for replying back!! Please let me know if you hear anything new!

I was hoping for the honda center, which the tour usually drops by each time theres a honda civic tour… im from whittier and really didnt wanna drive to SD but got those tix just in case. I would imagine they will add tho…

They would sound awesome at the Honda center! They sound awesome anywhere, but the Honda Center is fantastic for concerts. We saw Muse there last year (and a couple of others years ago) and the sound has always been better than anywhere else I’ve been.

I have tix for Chula Vista but would go to the Honda Center too.

you guys are the best for getting back with me. I went to two of LP’s concert back 2009 and 2011 at the Staple Center and they were insane. I remember for the 2/23/2011 concert tickets went on sale in Dec so Im thinking the tickets for down her in Orange or La will go on sale maybe two to three months before Sept. I am sure they will play out here, they just have to! [smile][smile]