COD: BO - Zombies [360 users] REQ

I have been playing a lot of zombies lately on COD and was hoping to get a team of LPU members to come and join me? But for the Nacht Der Untoten classic map only!

While playing this map always make sure to bomb the last existing zombie so that it’s crawling on the ground, that way you can collect more bullets, weapons, build the barriers and mess around before the next level begins

While on the first ground of the map (after you have opened the first door) make sure you stand at the door and shoot all of the zombies from that direction which makes it a lot easier (imo) once you get a lot of them starting to come at you after the 5/6 level

Hopefully those tips will involve good teamwork and get us to a higher level
Anyone up for a game?!

why are u playing with zombies D;

I would but I ended up selling my copy of Black Ops :\ got so laggy for me that I could barely play anymore.

Another tip: At the beginning of the game(1-6 levels) try to shoot zombies several times with your pistol(5 shoots max. in the legs) and finish them with the knife(and if u are out of ammo try to stab them-more points).The best way to get a lot of points at the start(for me ).

Never thought about shooting them on the legs, but yeah I usually start of with a pistol first to gain more points