Cincinnati and Boston

I can’t wait to see you and @itsmetiffayb and all my new Cincinnati friends!!! you guys rock! Much love to Cinci!

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Any suggestions on the best options for House of Blues Boston show? Can’t decide if it would be better to get the general admission floor tickets or the “VIP” balcony seats.

The general admission floor is much closer to the stage, but maybe it becomes hard to see because you’re in a big crowd? If I go with VIP balcony seats to get the perfect view and a seat (when needed) with nobody in front of me, is that worth it? Or will the general admission balcony crowd just end up standing in front of my seat anyway? :joy:

If anyone has been to a concert there, it would be great to hear what it’s like!

@markd15sox I have been to the House of Blues in Boston, but always been on the floor and never had a problem seeing the show. Also, last Saturday, I was at the NYC show at Pier 17 and it was all GA. I was probably about 15 rows back & I could see the stage great, plus they had two giant monitors set up on each side so you could see all the close up action as well. It was just fantastic. The show went about 2 hours, though, so if you prefer sitting to dancing & bouncing around, then go with the balcony. It’s all good!! :purple_heart::blue_heart:

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awesome, thanks! Also, I assume the show will be sold out, but I’m shocked that StubHub still has tons of tickets left. The weirdest part is that the tickets are for so cheap, like $20. I’m also looking up Red Sox World Series tickets, which of course are like $750+ lol.

I’ll be in Cincinnati (my hometown), and I’ll be going solo to Detroit. Hit me up if you want to hang out in Cincy or want a restaurant suggestion or something.


I’m officially going next week in Boston! Got a seat on the upper level on the side.

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Yay!!! Hope to meet up with you there:purple_heart::blue_heart:

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It’s getting so close, you guys! So pumped!

just found out tonight I’m going solo to
cincinnati :sob:hope to meet up with some peoples

@itsmetiffanyb @jheck116 @tjbeyersdoerfer - We are all going solo but we are not going alone!!! We have each other and I am beyond excited. I am getting to Cinci Sunday night and I’ll reach out to all of you so we can make a plan for Monday. LP fans rock!! We are going to have so much fun! Love to all you! :purple_heart::blue_heart:


@adrianne62 @jheck116 @tjbeyersdoerfer

Yes!! I’m off work at 3:00 Monday, and I’m heading straight there. Can’t wait to meet you all!

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thanks for being so positive :blush: kinda bummed I cant take anyone but I’ll have fun with you guys!

Going solo as well, I hope to get there early. VIP package :smiley:

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Is anybody else going to the LPU meet and greet in Cincinnati? I entered just in case I ended up having to work the night of the Detroit show, and got my email today.

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I got my email today,too!

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How should we plan a pre-show meetup for Boston? I think the doors open at 7 and show starts at 8. I’ll be busy with work, so probably won’t get there until 6:30-7ish.

Maybe I can keep it simple and say “I’ll be the guy in the red sox shirt”, but there might be too many of us since the concert is next to Fenway Park :joy:

We should just text/email each other as we arrive so we can track each other down.


@itsmetiffanyb @jheck116 @tjbeyersdoerfer
Hi my friends! I am in Cincinnati. Actually, I’ve been here since noon, but after driving for 12 hours, I crashed at my hotel and slept for 4 hours!:sleeping: Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow! :purple_heart::blue_heart:

Awesome! I’m working tonight, but I’m off and free any time tomorrow.


ye how can I track you hooligans down :stuck_out_tongue: