Chester wears fur hat. ink not mink?

I just remembered that when Linkin Park played very fist time here in Finland someone threw fur hat on the stage. Chester took it and said: “This is fucking gross(?) and awesome at the same time” and then he put the hat on his head.

I have a very bad video of that moment [arrow]the video

This was quite funny moment but still I’m just wondering that Chester is speaking out against fur :'D

not sure if i get your point

you mean its bad he took it and put it on
because of his ink not mink thing

maybe he thought it was gross cuz someone had it, and they through it on stage and that he does not know where it has been

Well, it was from ages ago, so he probably didn’t have that, “agaisnt fur moral” yet, you know?
It’s was mostly a “this is fuck gross” comment because he didn’t know were it had been.