Chester on In the End

If anyone was listening to Linkin Park on Octane, I really found it really interesting that Chester didn’t even want In the End on the album. I do agree that it doesn’t really have the same energy as POA, like he said. What do you guys think?

I listened to that interview too. I appreciate it, that Chester was so honest. How far as I understood him, he just learned with the time to love that song. That sounds very familar to me, because I listen to a lot of stuff that needs some time to get loved.
For me, In The End is a great song and I like it lot. If it didn’t make it on the record, it would be a mistake.

i have ALWAYS thought that in the end doesn’t rock hard at all. it is actually my least favorite song. since it is the most popular LP song, it is the first one that comes up on i tunes. so if someone says “hey, everyone is talking about these linkin park guys. i think ill bye a song to see what their like”. then they look up “linkin park” on i tunes and that is the first song they see, so that’s the one they download. after listening they say,“it’s OK, but it doesn’t really rock that hard. i don’t think im to into LP”. that’s why everyone in my school says LP doesn’t really rock. doesn’t anyone think that if they heard given up or, my favorite, HIT THE FLOOR first then all the people out there would see linkin park diffidently??? that’s just my theory but it seems logical.

In The End is such a classic song and it is amazing. I disagree that it doesn’t have a lot of energy. It has a TON of energy. Just check out any live video of it. Its a great song to jump to and to sing along to. I’ve been to two LP shows and at both of them the crowd was absolutely crazy during it! At the Madison Square Garden at times the crowd was singing louder than Chester no joke!

I was there for MSG and it was louder than Chester. But if I would have one song to pop up when searching LP(from there regular studio albums) it would probably be Given Up. Otherwise I would say QWERTY

In the End is one of my favorite songs of all time by LP, no its not a ROCK OUT SONG, but the lyrics are completely on point, fit the album and the album would not be complete if that song was not on it. And I have seen LP at least 15 times, and every time they play that song, the crowd is killing it with them, singing all the lyrics, Chester brings in plenty of energy and screaming through the song, and I agree with chester, just as I hear many songs more recently on the last 3 albums, the first couple times though, they arent that great, but after a couple times there incredible and take on a life of there own. Chester has owned that song, and live is a great song. If anyone cant understand the lyrics to that song, and connect with LP from that song, they are missing out, and usually people into music check on multiple songs by a band, IN THE END isnt the really rock part of LP but there are plenty that pop up that are. And In the End from 2 years ago on youtube has almost 50 million VIEWS. A 4yr old lyric version of IN THE END another 50 million views. LIVE VERSIONS your looking at 100million some views, so I think that song is a classic for many many fans, and many people connect with that and its a classic that is perfect where it landed and the percentage of likes to dislikes unreal LOL MIKE RAPPING AWESOME, and just listen to the crowd, love and energy. INTHEENDLIVE… or INTHEENDLIVE…

i agree that linkin park would not be as popular today as they are if in the end was not released. BUT i ALWAYS tell someone to look up QWERTY if they ask me about LP. it is the perfect song to use as a first one, since it is not a popular song (at all) but still kicks major musical A$$$$$$$$$$$[biggrin]

When i first heard it, i was like"WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THIS END UP ON AN ALBUM!?!?!?!?"