Chester can rap!

For those of you that haven’t been to one of the shows yet , during the bridge of Bleed it out Chester does 2 verses of Sabotage(beastie boys). I am soooo impressed he sounds great! Mike better watch out
what does everyone else think?

CHESTER AND MIKE COULD TOTALLY SWITCH ROLES! They should do an lpu song like that just for us :slight_smile: Imagine Mike doing a Chester scream and Chester going all crazy Mike rapping

i dont think mike can do chester screams : ) most ppl cant

That was a great moment, I was at the concert Yesterday @ Jones Beach and Chester killed it. Rally had a great time there :smiley:

When I saw the info about LP playing Sabotage, I thought that would be Mike rapping but when I saw Chester singing at Rock in Rio I realized that those verse are not so rap as thought.

I would pay money for that! Just to hear Mike attempt a Chester scream! That would be priceless.

Check out the video on YouTube of Bleed It Out/Sabotage at Pinkpop concert-its awesome! Sorry cant post link via my phone.

last may when i had the MG and saw them live for 2nd time
people also mentioned he did that
but i didnt even notice myself x]
so i cant remember him rapping but im sure he is awesome at it

I dont think they could. Mike doesn’t have what Chester has and Chester doesn’t have what mike has. Mike scream!!! Noooo!!! totally wrong.