"Chester Bennington " - Lets Go Bonkers ! :D

[cool] what does it mean to you all ?? in the recent Kerrang interview , chester spoke about the new shaping album and gave some interesting facts , he admitted people Nu- metal helped them to climb the ladder and now they broke the barriers with the album " A thousand suns" and reached a brand new level , music may change but yet fans keep growing day by day thats a good thing ! i guess and theve added hard electronica stuff and the allbum would be more than familiar to the " A thousand suns" seems like they are mixing their old roots and new stuff , could be quite intresting , satisfying the olden days , and modern day music fans !

discuss :slight_smile:

cant really read the interview, bit tiny xD

Let me help you, you can see the same image here but legible. You have to open it in another tab.

[quote=LPlover]Let me help you, you can see the same image here but legible. You have to open it in another tab.


it only says hotline
dont see anything
thanks anyway

(the article is at the home page of lpassociation)

I’am totally excited about the new album , I think I was never that excited before!!

Well, I think they tried something new with ATS and they had a lot of fun with that album. They just felt crazy enough, to do what they want. I think, with MTM and ATS they wanted to get rid of their nu-metal image. And they’ve succeeded so well. And because stagnation isn’t their motto, they strike again in a different direction. And as Chester says, with the new record they want to do powerful songs, to drive us crazy during their shows :wink:

Personally I love the old stuff same as the new stuff. But ATS is damn good! I’m very curious for the new album.

It’s just…amazing news.
About ATS: "F*ck it, we’re just gonna go bonkers"© :smiley:

and Chester’s words about lyrics…it’s very interesting… So, now there’s nothing to say besides “We’re waiting for you and your album, guys” :wink: