Catching Fire (Hunger Games sequel)

What’s up everybody, this is my first post on this new site (member since LPU 4.0).

Something I’ve been thinking about regarding the Catching Fire movie, and that of course is who’s going to be cast as Finnick. My two thoughts are Chris Hemsworth, if his being cast wouldn’t interfere with filming of Thor 2, and Chris Zylka, the guy who plays the crooked cop in Piranha 3DD.

What say those of you who are also Hunger Games trilogy fanatics?

never read the books or seen the movie
but i do like chris hemsworth. Thor is awesome and i want to see the avengers and i cant wait see Thor and it was bonus for me to see how he was in snow white. snow white is/was my favorite Disney movie and when i found out they were making a movie of it i was super happy.

I’m a Hunger Games fan:) I read all books, and I can’t wait to see Cataching Fire movie

I’ve read the trilogy one time and I liked the first movie.

As to your question. Why would they get Chris Hemsworth to play Finnick, when his younger brother is playing Gale? It wouldn’t make sense, since they look too much alike. :wink:

As for me, I don’t really care who they pick for the role of Finnick, as long as it is an actor who isn’t very known in Hollywood yet. Sometimes it ruins a movie, if they pick a huge Hollywood star to play a certain role - you won’t be able to see the person you pictured when you read the book, you’ll just see the actor.