Can you touch your shoulders?


As a kid, I used to believe that I was on a non-stop candit-camera show and that someday someone would appear out of nowhere and say “This is not real, it was all a joke”. Because life is rather strange at Times…

Q What annoys you most about a person you Just met?


It depends from person to person.

How many contacts on your phone?



Worst movie you have seen recently?


Bloody hell. How many of those are active though? lol

The last Jurrasic Park.

Something you own an unreasonable amount of?


Probably nail polishes or boots.

Worst album you’ve listened to lately?


I wouldn’t be able to listen to any bad album to its end. Sometimes I’m forced to listen to the music I don’t like - while in someone else’s car. But I can’t even name it.

What melody have you set as your phone ring?


I dont know honestly :sweat_smile:

Officially it is the Nokia ringtone but I usually my sound is off Just buzzer.

What are your plans for today?


Finish to planning my classes, spam a bit here and sleep.



It is Granny weekend and afterwards church with more old folks. Basically it is actually old folks weekend I suppose.

Any good news?

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yea. I am back on forums

is that a good news for you? :crazy_face: lol


Yes it is!

How have you been? :smile:


I’ve been good :yum: still a bit busy buzzy :honeybee: bee

How was the weekend?

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A: I’m double jointed in my fingers and arms. And my thumb can pop in and out of the socket. Sorry for interrupting randomly(I can’t seem to find the end of the conversation so I can start there). Also I’m not exactly sure how this works, so my question is, do I write a question after I finish answering someone else’s question?



Are you a person that cracks jokes at the wrong time?


At times yes, I try not to be but it just sorta happens :laughing:

Are you a procrastinator or the type of person who gets things done right away?

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No I just literally have no idea how this works…


Reply the previous question. Left yours.


Will you be lying in bed if you have the chance?


LMAO, we’re getting confused. :joy: I was just continuing the game lol. My question wasn’t regarding your comment specifically lol.

The rules are that you answer the question in the last post and then pose one of your own for the next person to answer. My asking if you’re someone who cracks jokes was my quesiton to carry on the game. :joy:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like I said, I have no idea how this works. Lmao. :grin: lol

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Right. So lets keep the game going… I will answer the last question and also post a new question for someone else to answer…

Sounds like a great plan!

Do you like the new forum platform?

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