Can you touch your shoulders?

what a sh…

Q: Where in Russia do you life?


Does your local media concentrates on American elections?

A absolutely…

Q: Ya Country is happy about Trump or ist it just Vladimir?

Yes. Our parliament was applauding to him yesterday

IOS or Android?(I think I’ve already seen that question somewhere, but anyways)

i phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

corn flakes or smacks?


LP forum or LPU blogs?

(We’re mixing threads)

A: this happens sometimes

Q: did you know that the threads are to choose in order, which one you like most?

Well, my favorite is this one(maybe also the "drunken " one)
Q: What would you do if you found your city\town empty one day?

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A: Freak out and then enjoy having it all on my own.

Q: Last song you listened to?

That’s quite a sad norm that we (me included) are all guilty of in modern society. Wake up and go straight to your electronics :confused:

I’m currently listening to an album. The last song was Distance by Acroma

Q: Last thing you drank?

A:Some tea with milk
Q: Have you read any Russian books?

No, I don’t speak or understand Russian and my Cyrillic reading and writing is incredibly rusty.

Q: How many numbers between 0 and 1?

A lol depending on how Many … Dunnow the Term, mean this 0-0,1-0,10 then it is uncountable :stuck_out_tongue:

Q: how Many Corners has a Triangel

A: 3 (lol)

Q: When was the last time you opened the window to let the cold air blow in?

A yesterday night

Q is ya water back?

A: That was the office, silly.

Q: Is your device very unresponsive right now?

A: no

Q: is somebody moving in ya sourrounding?

A/Q: You mean this?

A/Q :smiley: yes!

Q: What is you battery level?