Can you touch your shoulders?

A: One Step Closer!

Q: What makes you go like this:


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A: Say What!!! Your gif is so grainy…

Q: Do you feel like an idiot?

A: Sometimes, but it would be cool if someone would join me then, do stuff like…

and finally say

Q: What will you be doing next?

A: I need to get up, I’m still laying in my bed.

Q: What are you listening right now?

A: This

Q: Classic Rock or Modern Rock or Alternative Rock?

[I am not even sure what are they doing in this gif]

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A: Alternative rock.

(Trying to see what they’re doing in your gif…)

Q: @amitrish How’d do you like the challenge thread?

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A: Definitely modern/alt rock (2000-2015)

Q: Drawing or painting?

That’s from the making of The Catalyst. They were throwing colors (you know, the ones that come in dust form) at each other for a scene.

A: Neither

Q: Prefered device and browser for the forums?

A: Computer with Chrome

Q: Worst deice for going on the internet?

A: A very old nokia

Q: If you could dress up like anyone from Linkin Park today for Halloween, who would you dress up like?

A: Mike with his red hair

Q: How do I make this gif work?


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A: make sure you copy the url of the image and not the image itself. otherwise it won’t move.


Ah, I see, thanks

Aww that gif! So many memories :’)

Happy Halloween & 1700th post :smile:

They are throwing color powder at each other in the Catalyst video. That was supposed to post a bit further up. Haha

Thanks everyone for clarifying at the video. I could see they were throwing color powder, but didnt knew why (afterall they were not in kesha’s video)
Also, I thought it looked like an anime fight scene, and someone had just messed up a gif.
Anyways, thanks again.

So… What’s the next question?

Q: what is the best thing to put on a delicious cake?

A: Berries

Q: Fav type of cake?