Camden show!

This is the first show i’ve seen since meteora and it was epic! Any fans from the jersey shore area make it yesterday?

My dad and I actually drove up from Annapolis Maryland for the show. He and my mom are from the Jersey shore though, and we were on Long Beach Island about two weeks ago at my great grandmothers beach house.
This show was unbelievable, and we were out on the lawn, rockin hard in the rain!

Nice! i had seats with my friend in section 100 and my sister bought tickets late so she got lawn seats, despite the rain she had an awesome time too.

I drove up from Chincoteague Island, VA with 3 friends. I haven’t seen the crew since '03 and it was so awesome! Linking Park may have reformed their style but the energy remains. We got to watch the show at the head of the pit up against the barrier. My only complaint was this drunk chick who’s breath smelled like a mens locker room trying to talk to me. LP!!!

this was my favorite setlist!

I went to Mohegan show, Mansfield show, AND the Camden show. And just the plain truth, although every show was great. Linkin put just a little bit more into this show because of the Lpu summit. I was in the pit. The crowd was filled with fellow LPU’ers and everyone had an awesome time. I had very high expectations and dare I say: they were exceeded. Linkin park rules the world !!!

Anything new to the set list?

Actually Camden is closer to Philly (where I’m from) then most parts of mid and north Jersey. The show and Summit were both excellent. And incubus (how are one of my fav bands) did a beast of a job opening up. Probably one of the best shows I’ve ever went to (outside of Rammstein). BTW - I remember the Meteora World tour in 2004. My first show was in early 2000, where I saw LP by mistake. I when to see a band called Taproot (they were big at the time) and HeD pe opened up for them. LP came out first, and no one knew who the hell they were because One Step Closer hadn’t premiered on MTV yet. I love sharing that story.

I was there, back on the lawn. Torrential rains started about 3 or 4 songs into LP’s set, but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life standing there in the pouring rain singing along to every word. At one point, Chester said, “you guys are like a band’s wet dream. When you’re young and dream about being in a band, you dream about playing to a crowd like this”. I was having a wet dream of a different kind, haha.

The setlist was a decent mix of stuff from each album. There were a few songs from Living Things I was hoping to hear, but I really can’t complain. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have yet to see them, but the new stage production is mind blowing. At one point, I literally just stood there stunned by what I was seeing.

There are some pretty badass photos over at Radio 104.5’s website. I like the one of Chester flippin the bird in the air.

Made the drive down from north jersey. Went to the summit, which was a cool experience even though I wish I had said something better to Chester when I met him lol and then had the concert after. Omg what an amazing concert! The whole place was going insane from the first song and lp was feeding off of it. And Chester’s wet dream comment was friggen awesome! So happy to be a part of that crowd. I went to the ny show on wed and this show blew it away. Best lp concert ever! Wow!!