California area, looking for LP friends

anyone in San Diego, Los Angles area. I’m looking for cool Linkin park friends that we can hang out/etc. not only has to do with just Linkin Park but I’m looking for that family that we have a hart for there music and chester. any ways just short and simple for now


Aye!!! Caliiiiiii!!!
I’m in northern ca and the few soldiers here I know are here too but there are some so cal people just hiding :upside_down_face:

@tenkaichi hasn’t been here for ages but he was a San Diego dude, really great guy
Let’s see if this makes him pop in :grin:
By the way! Hope the quakes are keeping away from y’all some :confused: we felt it here in sac so hang tough! :muscle:t3:


HI there! well thanks see what cali friends we can hang around here and celebrate the life of chester. and keeping the strong fan base of LP.

and thanks I felt the earthquake but down south not bad. hopefully no bad aftershocks later. but stay safe soldier

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Yeah man/gal? :sweat_smile: ima guess bro :thinking:
But I’d say check Facebook out
There’s smaller regional groups out there, the soldiers ive met have been from Bay Area like San Jose San Fran and Berkeley but I met them through someone contacting me because I’m not on fb, they’re the ones that said there’s smaller groups in different areas so I’d give that a shot

I can def say the people you meet in the groups turn out to be cool people to hang out with :slightly_smiling_face: haven’t had a single bad experience :smile:

Yeah same to you! And always considering coming to hang out here if nothing less :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe we even meet up in la for another LP concert some day :grin:

Hey, I figured this was as good a place as any, even a long shot for you @musicianmma, but the same group I went to last year on July 20th will be getting together again in Berkeley, Ca on the UC campus for a little get together, not sure what will go down as I’ve only just been informed recently but last time I was there it was pretty mellow and low key, retelling stories, getting to know one another, favorites, singing, stuff like that
If anybody is interested let me know and I’ll forward any info I get
I know there was a San Jose group last time, but sure if they’re still doing the SAP center meet but just in case one is closer than the other or yeah who knows haha
I got the sense this Berkeley one was smaller which in a way at least for me felt nicer for the occasion

@arya_92 (if you’re on vacation in Elk Grove :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
And if any of you remember any other soldiers from northern ca please help me tag them
I know not many and not very active but I figured I’d get the word out there on here too
I’m drawing a blank on others from the area :flushed:

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Ooh I would love to meet up! Berkeley is a little far, but I’ll see if I can make it