Burn It Down!

I kind of wonder if I am they only one who finds the describings of Linkin Park’s new single Burn it Down sound a lot like as if they’re describing Awolnation’s Burn It Down ^^

I keep finding it a funny coincidence ^^ AND I know Mike Shinoda knows Awolnation so who knows ^^ we’ll see if it will sound a bit like Awolnation’s version ^^

Youtube to Awolnation’s Burn It Down : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l9eMJVjC6Q&ob=av2n

Tell me what you think? Am I just paranoid and weird or does it really is a funny coincidence? (:

No offence, but this is the 100th discussion about Burn It Down here…

about awolnation’s burn it down? ;3
I was just thinking about it and wondered if other people thought about the same thing as me when watching that chester interview, that’s what’s a forum for right? (:

Well, Burn it Down by Awolnation isn’t quite the same style of music that LP use to do. I really don’t think it’ll sound like this.

Linkin Park usually have way deeper lyrics than this hahahaha

‘‘if you need love turn around, do the helicopter’’ lawl

  • Awolnation is more like an ‘‘excited’’ band, if you know what I mean.

haha yeah I don’t think it’ll literally sound like that either ^^
but it does sound like an energetic electrical song and stuff hehe.

maybe it was an inspiration xD

yup. You’re right but that was so clear that this is gonna happen :smiley: