Burn it down - Song for Uefa Euro 2012


a couple of minutes ago i saw the german soccer final. After that the german television show the video of burn it down with some highlights of the final and they confirmed that burn it down is the official soundtrack for the Uefa Euro 2012 (maybe only in german TV, but it doesn´t sound like). Someone else saw it?

Yes its the Soundtrack of the German offical TV.

A pretty good choice!

Uefa Euro 2012 is in Poland and Ukraine and official soundtrack is singing by Oceana. I’m from Poland and I haven’t heard about LP soundtrack :frowning:

I think its just in Germany :frowning:

Ive seen it too…Its pretty cool…

They are using the song For the NBA Playoff’s also!

Looks like it’s that song for everywhere that’s not germany. lucky them

Damn, I’ve never seen one of these spots here on TV…
LP gets abused for stuff like that anyway…don’t know how often I heard them on TV ^^

wish people in my country were that smart…

whats up with germany and LP anyway
they been performing there a lot last year