Burn it down leaked + download

[quote=Tomas Villar][quote=Sian][quote=Sian]did u guys see this


this song was pulled down[/quote]

Yeap, and one of them uploaded it to Youtube and it didnt say Linkin park nor burn it down nor nothing except mike and chester (without surnames) and the Warner Brothers Group pulled it down… I believe this is the one :smiley:


Sounded like the song to me.
We’re building it up,
Break it back down,
Building it up,
Burn it down,
You can’t burn what’s burning to the ground

Not 100% on the last line - but that’s pretty much the lyrics to the chorus. If I was to compare it to any other material by LP…this reminds me a lot of ‘Somewhere I belong / What I’ve Done’.

I like it.

It actually leaked and I missed it. :c

[quote=Zenith]It actually leaked and I missed it. :c