Burn it down & in my remains are the same songs!

Here’s a video I made to show you that Burn It Down and In My Remains are very similar songs. I know the mix isn’t perfect but it can still clearly show you the similarity!

Here’s the Youtube video I made :slight_smile:

Enjoy & Comment :slight_smile:

They have the same tempo and are both sung by Chester…that’s about it. The mix is cut apart so that the verses and chorus match but that isn’t how they really play out in real time.

They’re also both on D Minor

Wow, a band made two songs with similar sounds, never heard of it before…

Same? I don’t feel that way. It’s 2 different things.

“I burning inside” = “like an army falling one by one by one”? No…

Tempo? No too…

Thats my point of view, I never force you to feel that way.

When In My Remains start playing i thought Burn It Down was on. Well I mean, how much material can you create with the same set of synths? Oh, go compare the intro of Lost In The Echo and Castle Of Glass or tally I’ll Be gone with Dead By Sunrise.

Living Things has some very special songs but overall, it’s a meh~ for me.

nah not really :stuck_out_tongue:

when i heard IN MY REMAINS for the first time i was immediately thinking that it sounded a lot like BURN IT DOWN, but so what? loving both songs anyway…